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SanguiBioTech GmbH Patents and Patent Applications

The company has always taken great care to protect its innovations and developments by national and international patents. In total, Sangui currently holds 3 patents belonging to 2 different groups. Most of these patents have been filed in Germany (DE), the USA (US), and as an international patent application with the European Patent Office (EP). Global patent applications are marked PCT. The following overview displays the most important ones grouped according to the projects and products they are related to.

1. Haemoglobin-Polymers

EP-P 1 294 386, US-P 7,005,414
"Synthetic oxygen transport made from cross-linked modified human or porcine haemoglobin with improved properties, method for a preparation thereof from purified material and use thereof"
DE 10 2013 014 651, EP 14758344, EP 3 041 495 B1, US10.646.507 B2 "Compositions for Improved Tissue Oxygenation by Peritoneal Ventilation"

2. Wound Management

EP-P 1 485 120
"Use of one or more natural or modified oxygen carriers, devoid of plasma and cellular membrane constituents, for externally treating open, in particular chronic wounds"